This blog came from the desire to take negativity and turn it into something positive. What do you do with a negative nickname? What do you do when four good friends suddenly find themselves in different time zones, without any outlet for creative (and cranky) discussions?

If you are normal, you probably just  vow to keep in touch and make time for the occasional phone call or e-mail. If you are four spunky museology graduate students, you get drunk and hatch a plan for a cross-continental art blog while sitting in a Seattle tiki bar. And as for the negative nickname, we embraced it as a mark of our fierce friendship and common interest.

If this experiment goes as planned, all four of us will log in to write posts about art happenings in our respective areas of the country: Seattle, Madison, Ann Arbor as of yet. We haven’t decided on a voice, or on an audience, so hopefully that will decide itself as we move forward.

This weekend: a post about Seattle art.




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