Monthly Archives: January 2009

The importance of proof reading

Well, let’s start off 2009 living up to the blog’s name and being a bit critical. Over Christmas I visited a major art museum with my mother to help her choose an artwork for a local art collaboration. I was snapping photos of labels to help her remember favorite pieces for later research and came across this gem:



Copy editing requires attention to detail. I’ve been involved in some aspect of labels in several institutions and it requires a certain talent, and mistakes happen. Happily, this mistake is merely sloppy sentence arrangement, not a factual or spelling error. Such errors can be especially harmful in museums, where the visitor often takes the information presented as absolute fact. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be the last person to approve copy to be printed, which is why I decided to forgo my childhood dream of a career as a copy editor.

Happy new year!


Note: Yes, there were a few typos. By no means am I saying my grammar and sentence structure are above reproach. And as I admit above, I wouldn’t want to be the last person to sign off on final copy. That said, it’s a blog! It’s supposed to be fun, not perfect.